THE FRONT MAN will screen at the Roxy Theater as part of the Filmadelphia film series!

 Five-time Emmy winner and Independent Spirit nominee Paul Devlin’s new film, THE FRONT MAN, will screen at the Roxy Theater as part of the Filmadelphia film series hosted by the Philadelphia Film Society, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, December 16th at 7:30 pm. Director Paul Devlin & co-star Dan Snyder will appear for a Q&A after the screening.

Don’t miss Gashouse Live on Monday, December 15th at 7pm. Paul Devlin will be in studio to discuss this film, answer questions and give us a little more insight into The Front Man. I think a lot of our listeners can relate to this story, so this should be a great discussion.



Thirteen years in the making, THE FRONT MAN is more than a documentary. It’s non-fiction rock ‘n roll comedy love story! 
Here is a link to the trailer of THE FRONT MAN:


front manTHE FRONT MAN is an intimate portrait that evolves into a 27-year journey about a man so busy chasing his dreams that he risks missing what success really means.


A talented musician bursting with personality, Jim Wood grapples with the broken promise of rock ‘n roll stardom. He must reconcile his joy of creating music and his wife Christie’s desire for a child with a culture in which anything short of celebrity is failure.


Jim and Christie’s quest for fame takes a winding path through the homes of acclaimed musicians, a legendary recording studio, the set of a cult horror movie, and onto American national television. These adventures counterpoint their very personal, but also hilariously candid struggle with whether or not to have children.


Their pursuit of celebrity becomes a rite of passage, transforming them in surprising ways. Perhaps growing up is not the same as giving up.


THE FRONT MAN is a departure for filmmaker Paul Devlin, whose documentaries include sweeping epics (Power Trip, BLAST!) that have won him over a dozen film festival awards, an Independent Spirit nomination and a global audience.  “It was a challenge for me to try a documentary that is also a comedy,” say Devlin, “At first the process was very loose and improvisational. But then we focused in on interesting story threads that began to develop in the lives of Jim and Christie, and themes emerged that were unexpectedly poignant.” Devlin essentially captures Wood’s entire adulthood over a 27-year period. THE FRONT MAN develops into a serious, if satirical, commentary on middle class America and its obsession with celebrity.


Director Paul Devlin has deep roots in the greater Philadelphia area going back to great grandparents who settled from Ireland. Paul’s parents both grew up in Jenkintown, and his father attended LaSalle High School and University. “I love screening my movies in Philadelphia. We can usually fill the theater with my cousins alone! And it’s an honor be invited by the Philadelphia Film Society.” Although raised in Jersey and living in Manhattan, Paul returns often to Philly to visit his parents at 15th and Locust and his brother Mark Devlin who lives in Wynnewood and is a prominent astronomy professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Mark starred in Paul’s movie BLAST!, part of which was set at U Penn.