December 1, 2014

wooden hez - spew

Fronted by Gashouse Radio’s Dave Pitone, this week’s featured band is Wooden Hez

Initially meeting through an ad on Craigslist in 2011, Wooden Hez has come a very long way from recording their debut album, Children’s Parade, in Dave Pitone’s attic. But, their journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. In August of 2013, the band suffered a series of hardships after the loss of their drummer, the late Timmy Stevens. Ultimately, Wooden Hez evolved into an awe-inspiring concrete unit. With E. Joseph Neenan on guitar and keyboards, Ed Galang on drums, and Alan Lee on bass, Philadelphia is grateful for the release of Wooden Hez’s second full-length album, Spew.

spew - wooden hezThere is no singular word in the English language that can perfectly define Wooden Hez. However reminiscent of the Grunge era, Wooden Hez accomplishes an originality that distinguish them from the core of Philly’s mainstream. Much like a reoccurring dream, Spew’s collection of songs is laden with images of desolate streets and vast bodies of water. Ghost towns and the overwhelming calm after a catastrophic event come to mind. It is the strange combination of despair and acceptance that places Wooden Hez somewhere between “Change (In the House of Flies)” by The Deftones and Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song.”


Wooden Hez is an experience. Don’t miss their CD release show/ “Punk Rock Jack” music video debut on December 5th at Connie’s Ric Rac. The Dogs of Lust and Stereoma will also be attending the First Friday Showcase. If you haven’t satisfied your Wooden Hez lust yet, you can catch a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weeknights 6pm ET). Spew is also available for download on reverbnation, and Check out for more info.


Fun Facts: Wooden Hez were originally called Wooden Head. They changed after a band from New Orleans under the same name sued them.
Dave Pitone was an academic lawyer. He resigned and began writing after his psychiatrist told him to go into the arts.