band vs band is back

Our segment Band vs Band is back by popular demand!


All of 2012 and 2013 on Gashouse Live we had a segment called Band vs Band. Each day on the show we would take 2 independent artists on match the “head-to-head”. We would play 3 songs from each artist during the show and we ask our listeners to let us know if they like each song using our thumbs up/down buttons. These thumbs, or votes, give us instant feedback on each song. At the end of each show we tally up the votes for all 6 songs (3 from each artist) and the band with the most votes comes back the following day to face a new challenger. The losing band may or may not go into regular rotation on Gashouse Radio, depending on the listener’s response.


philadelphia radioSo you see it is less of a competition and more of just a fun way to promote 2 bands simultaneously. The listeners decide which band they want to hear on the show the next day. If a band “wins” band vs band 10 times in a row, they become a “retired champion” and the next day we start over with 2 new bands.


In 2014 we switched thing up a little bit and instead of Band vs Band, we tried something new called The Radar. We still debuted new music, and we still let our listeners decide what music went into rotation, but we tried a new delivery method. While it was somewhat successful, it just felt like something was missing. Our listeners felt the same, and so we’re bringing back Band vs Band!


Start Monday, January 5th at 6pm on Gashouse Live tune in and decide what new music stays and what new music goes. We start the week with Edgar Allen Poets vs. Luis Drayton. Both artists have been in rotation in the past, and they both have new music looking for some airplay. The winner of this matchup will face The Apparells on Tuesday’s show, and then that winner will face Rob Pettiti on Thursday and so on and so on.


So tune in to Gashouse Live weekdays at 6pm ET for Band vs Band. Help us decide which artists should be played on air. In addition participate in our many other segments ranging from Conspiracy Theories to in-studio acoustic performances. Use our mobile app to listen or directly from our website, and use the chat room to participate in the show.