January 26, 2015

jay regan1 cup love, a pinch of peace, 2 tablespoons flowers, and ¾ cup butterflies. Generously add some country folk and Americana. Soul and funk to taste. Blend well and you’ll get this week’s featured band; Jay Regan aka Just Jay.

Although Singer/songwriter Jay Regan is often described as modern day 60’s protest music, his combination of rock, alternative, R&B, and folk place him in a genre of his own. Since the early 1990’s, Jay Regan has dominated the Philadelphia music scene being both the guitarist, and lead vocalist of the former bands Dezire and Today We Live. It wasn’t until May of last year that Regan secured his solo career by the release of, Dreams & Nightmares, his debut album. Influences such as Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and Jason Mraz are often visible within his work, and Dreams & Nightmares is available for download on jayregan.bandcamp.com.


Join Jay and Gashouse Radio for the very first monthly Roadhouse Inn Acoustic Night on Thursday January 29th. Regan is scheduled to play at 11:30pm between Palaceburn, Earl Rains, Gretchen Shultz, Pat Foran, Charlie Sweeney, Paul Doucette, Sucker, Rob Goldsmith, Baron Von Groove, and Stealing Fame. Check out gashouseradio.com/acoustic-night-at-roadhouse-inn-jan-29th/ for more info.


Tune in all this week to hear Jay Regan in heavy rotation. You can catch a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (weeknights 6pm ET). If you like what you hear, please use the thumbs up/down buttons to share your opinion. See you at the Roadhouse Inn! Peace.