ban the burqaLately I’ve been noticing a lot of “Ban the Burqa” memes and status posts all over social media. “Go back to your own country“. “If you can’t integrate then go home“. “Learn English or leave“. You get the idea. This blanket of hate and fear towards Muslims is only fueling the fire.


The KKK consider themselves Christians. They are a radical group that commit acts of terror all in the name of their own beliefs. Should we believe that all Christians are hate-mongering racists? We know that not to be true because we are all very familiar with many Christians. The KKK is a radical group and should not reflect the  Because the Muslim religion is so foreign to us, we are naturally afraid of it. Now combine that fear with the ignorance of the mainstream media, and you breed hate. Misdirected hate. The terrorist and ISIS represent a small sect of Muslims.


Back to the Burqa banning. I am not Muslim, or any religion for that matter. That being said, I do believe we need to stand up for the rights of our fellow Americans. The rights that are written clear as day in the First Amendment. I asked a few people posting these types of pictures “What about freedom of religion? Isn’t that a core American belief?”. Here’s an interesting response I got:


Freedom of expression? Freedom of religion? My own country has removed “Merry Christmas” from my RELIGIOUS Holiday of celebration…my country has removed my “God” from my own pledge of allegiance as to not offend their “religious figurehead” of belief. I must change my lifestyle to accommodate theirs but they cannot assimilate mine? No middle ground? Wow indeed
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But notice how “my country” is at fault, and the hate is re-directed to Muslims. All of this can be traced to mainstream media. Do not take your fear and anger about our current state of affairs and direct it towards Muslims. That will only compound the problem.  If we can all focus our energy on removing the confusion and the misinformation, we can move towards a more peaceful civilization while still holding the original values of our country. There are millions of US citizens who are Muslim. Do not allow the terrorists and the mainstream media to turn us on ourselves.


This is a great clip of religious scholar Reza Aslan trying to explain this idea to mainstream media. As difficult as it is for the media to understand his point, maybe you can see it for yourself: