Do you trust our government? According to pew research, public trust in our government to do the right thing, and make the right decisions based on our interests remains at historic lows:


public trust in government


The majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, do not trust the people “we elected”. In a government of the people, by the people, for the people, it the actual people who have been left out of the equation. Do you feel like your views are being properly represented? Do you feel that your needs and your concerns are being addressed?


I’m not referring to the concerns that your respective political party focuses on. Please try and take a step back out of the political party charade and look at our country as a whole. Look at us as Americans, rather than Democrats or Republicans. Is this our country? Are we at war because that is what Americans want?


bush-clinton 2016Right now we are almost 2 years away from the 2016 election. Already the idea of a Bush/Clinton election is being floated by the media. Are these the candidates you want to represent you? Do we really have a free election, when the powers that be decide which of 2 people we get to elect? And do you think that our nation will get better, worse, or stay the same when the same political families are making the decisions on our behalf? Do not make this a matter of Democrat or Republican. This is a matter of Americans. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the political bullshit that divides, rather than provide solutions.


The United States of America will not improve until we have transparency in our government. The confusing state of our government is by design. It is very easy to hide hidden agendas and corruption when the system is so incredibly complex. It’s easier just to let the news makes sense of it all and fill us in later.


And that’s exactly what mainstream media does; they tell us what to think about everything that goes on in our country. There was a time in our history when that was acceptable. That time is long gone. If you are getting your news from Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or any of the same make no mistake; you are being lied to on a regular basis. Those corporations are tools being used to sway public opinion and distract from the real issues.


revolutionWho here thinks that lobbying is a fair way to shape our laws and our policies?  To suggest that corporations pay politicians (using a middleman called “lobbyist”) to make the laws is not only laughable, it goes against the very ideals on which this country was founded. Please find me 1 person outside of a politician or corporation, who thinks lobbyists are a good idea?


You won’t find anyone. It’s absurd. So why does this practice continue? Well because politicians make a ton of money from this practice. The very people who benefit the most from this practice are the ones that need to change the law. It’s not going to happen.


It all comes down to transparency. We as Americans need the ability to see where our tax money goes. We need to see who’s giving money to which politicians and why. We need to see the real reasons why we invade other countries, not the reasons that our mainstream media pushes. We need to stop bickering as “Democrats” and “Republicans” and start thinking for ourselves as Americans.


We need to lead the world in renewable resources (we’re near the bottom of the list), health and quality of education. We need to stop leading the world in obesity, energy consumption (technically #2) and incarceration. We need to focus on our people and recognize that the distractions are just that; distractions. We need to stop enslaving our younger generations with insurmountable levels of debt ($1.2 trillion in student loans).


I know I know, it’s a giant mountain to climb. So should we go back to our Xbox and 200 channels of cable and stay in the status quo? Then what? It will never get better. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to change the course of this country. No one is going to do it for us – certainly not anyone in politics today.


revolutionHow is the key question here. How do we change our course? How do we remove the corruption? How do we make our government more transparent? Revolution? I think the only way to make the changes necessary is a true revolution. Unfortunately revolution is usually accompanied by violence; but that doesn’t have to be the case. We have the ability to instantly connect with everyone in this country. We have an unlimited supply of information known as the internet. With just a little organization accompanied by a little bit of effort from everyone willing and ready to make a change, we can climb this mountain. And we can do it before we have to “decide between the lesser of two evils” in 2016.


Gashouse Radio was started to invoke change; change the landscape of traditional radio and change the way the masses view independent music. While we continue to make that our goal, we realized that we have the ability to change a lot more than just radio and independent music. We are now dedicating a portion of our website and every episode of Gashouse Live (weekdays 6pm ET) to discuss ways we can change our current state. We are looking for ideas to discuss and people to interview. Our segment 15 Minutes A Day, #15minaday, will be dedicated to solving the real problems that our country is facing as a whole.


We’ll be discussing ideas towards campaign finance reform, fair tax, social progress index, and anything else that our listeners find to be a possible solution. We’ll be focusing on groups who’ve already made great strides towards this goal. I encourage everyone to participate, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. The changes that everyone wants in our country are possible but only if we do something about them. How much longer do you want to wait for the corporations and the politicians to address the real issues?


Hopefully you will join us. Tune in and let us know your thoughts on anything listed above. Spread the message. We need more people to spread the right messages. We can make this happen. You don’t have to leave your job, protest in the streets, upset your home, go to jail, etc in order to make this change happen. You just need to help for 15 minutes a day.