In a world of prepackaged “hits” sometimes it is easy to forget the impact music and the lyrics can make on society or an individual.


Have you ever been curious as to the story behind some of your favorite songs? What did that lyric mean? Is this song about something more than the face value words being used? Songwriters have a unique ability to paint a picture with their lyrics. So Unclaimed Bands and Gashouse Radio have teamed up for a new show coming to Gashouse Live every first Monday of the month at 7pm ET that focuses on that ability; Rocktales.


Monday, February 2nd at 7pm ET


We want to dig deep on the thoughts, feelings and the emotions that are behind each story. Long before writing and the printing press the tradition of oral storytelling was how we communicated and passed down our collective histories. Songs are a natural extension of that tradition and have gone on through time with the same basic agenda of telling stories to entertain, educate, and move people.


Rocktales will focus on songs and the storytelling of the artist. To understand not just the what, but the why, and the how of their story telling. To explore their use of language in the structure of the song. The poetry behind the message, the influences that became the spark of the idea that lead to the first line, all the way up to the decision of the music chosen to set those lyrics to, and how that helps deliver the story as a finished composition.


This is not an interview with the band, this is something a little deeper. The purpose of this show is to highlight the art of storytelling through music. We will not be discussing other topics related to the band; strictly the stories. This uncensored show will also be available as a separate podcast as well.


If you enjoy the actual stories being told by some of the greatest independent artists in the world, then be sure to tune in to Gashouse Live on Monday, February 2nd at 7pm ET for Rocktales; music is only half the story.