Thank you everyone for your continued support of our independent radio station. So many f you tune in every day and share your opinion of the music with our thumbs up/down buttons (look in the top right corner of this page). Those votes help us program the station. They also determine the The Top 10 Countdown, which airs daily at 5am and 5pm ET. The Top 10 are the most popular songs on the station that day.


At the end of every month we tally up all of those thumbs up/down votes and post your top tracks right here. So let’s take a look at December’s most popular songs:


top 10 of december

1. Out of Luck – Slyphr

2. Cinderella – Against the Clocks

3. Smoke in the Wind – Nick Cianci

4. Crazy Old Cantankerous Kook – Neat Meat

5. Someone Like You – Dead:Stop

6. Crooked – Skinny Cool Kid

7. For the Feral Few – Even Man Out

8. Abby Layne – TripLayne

9. Better Man – Riley Road

10. Take Control – Jack and Our Now!


In 2015 we are changing up the way we calculate the Top 10 Countdown. Rather than only counting # of thumbs up votes, we are now going to be incorporating the overall score as well. Songs must have an overall rating of 80% to qualify, not just highest number of votes. Ex. if you have 8 thumbs up votes, chances are you will be in the Top 10. But what if you have 8 thumbs up, and 20 thumbs down. Should you still be in the top 10? In this case your score would be a 40% and you would not qualify for the Countdown.


The reason for the change is to allow for more variety, and get a more accurate picture of what our listeners want to hear. So congrats to these bands for being grabbing the attention of our audience!