Artist: Amarachi

EP: All or Nothing

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/amarachimusic317

While it is true many feel the music industry is in disarray it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear a new band or artist that’s not afraid to take chances with their musical expression. With Amarachi who resides between Texas and New York (originally from Nigeria) and her latest6 piece musical teaser

“All or Nothing” it’s clear to me she have surpassed what many consider to be the a-typical musical release. Emerging as a formidable artist these past few years in NY Ultra-Hip Hop scene, singer/songwriter, entertainer Amarachi currently performs as a professional model. She possesses a flair and showcases true roots of African music, Amarachi is a talent rich with experience and the gift of creating wonderful music. Gaining experience from the ultra-hip New York modeling scene, this dynamic artist is a sucker for a chick flick, and the earthy strum of an acoustic guitar. Influenced by the songs of Amy Winehouse and a grave admirer of Craig David’s Voice; she began singing at the age of 9. Nominated for 12 Brit awards, Craig David is absolutely a prime influence and indicator for how far Amarachi’s talents will reach over the coming days and months. This new album “All or Nothing” is the product of her recent hard work and resonating beauty. From the beginning of “Certified Criminal” to the end “Bye, Bye, Goodbye” this EP gives you a musical love/life anthem with a string of catchy songs and hooky vibe that will keep the listener entertained. Also present are messages that are uplifting and a vibe that is unmistakably, well Amarachi. Amarachi and her music combine many impressive musical styles: like retro Pop of the 70’s and even Folk, Pop, Indie-Rock, traditional Soul Rock and contemporary Singer/Songwriter. Some pieces I really like are the title track and “Certified Criminal” and “I’ll Be OK” with its amazing message, and “Killing Me Softly” which expands the possibilities as a possible radio hit in the making. The production is top notch and the playing from all other band members just hits the spot. Amarachi creates a sound that will make virtually any listener feel right at home. As a vocalist she delivers a gifted vocal timber that glides with precision. In the end she provides and a warm and captivating vocal timber overall. If you like Tweet, Gabrielle, Lelis and Sade to Solange you will like Dina Velenz. Much of this goes beyond traditional playing and songwriting. Lyrics are also an important component for me whenever I listen and review music. In this aspect Amarachi paints an impressive visual between the spoken word with messages of hope, love and the love of life itself.

Beware – “All or Nothing’ Has a slightly tragic side. Amarachi is love and “All or Nothing” delivers breathtaking music for the senses that has no boundaries – very much like love itself.

Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-or-nothing-ep/id921762390

Rating 4.5/5 Stars

Reviewed by: Curtis Winn