Bullyheart – Antigravity

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Bullyheart is the brainchild of recording artist Holly Long. It is home for her rebel-heart which pulses with intense ambivalence about living life as a complex woman. Love and anger- disdain and awe- humility and power, all co-exist in harmony within this voice. Over the past two years, deep in the den alongside her fellow feral musical beasts, David Boucher and Kevin Harp, Holly birthed a home for the Bullyheart voice within the project, “ANTIGRAVITY” paying homage to her love and appreciation for early 80’s rock and roll. The result is clean, raw-edged record which sounds urgent and alive on first listen.

The group is made up of Holly Long – Guitar/Keys/Vocals David Boucher/Bram Inscore – bass Kevin Harp/Eric Gardner – drums Eric Sampson/Clint Walsh/Brett Farkas – guitars. But this is more or less Holly Long’s new project on Skim Milk Records. It’s modeled a lot after sounds of the 80s, most notably that being the likes of Chrissie Hynde, The Cars and even Tom Petty. The cover art could be nicer but I digress because we’re obviously both wolf lovers. The CD kicks off with the fabulous title track, ANTIGRAVITY , with an awesome resemblance to The Pretenders but a sound all their own. This tune simply rocks, no question about it, an undeniably killer opener. Track 2, Thin Air, continues with such a degree of sass you’ll sware you’ve heard it before. Man alive this is a classic ballad with a beautiful vocal performance. This has it all including orchestration bits to dazzle it up, as it is a slower number with a lingual delivery that competes with the best of ‘em. Do I liken this to stuff from Chrissie like “I’ll Stand By You” and others? No, it stands on its own two feet and simply competes on that level. But that changes the other way on No Pleasing You, which is a title that fits that of a position to see things getting a little too close to The Pretenders for comfort, and the only point of the disc I can fault, which is a pretty small flaw. I’m not saying the song resembles any of theirs it’s just that they sound so much like them you can’t help but wonder if this one might be a cover. This is of course rectified on the much more original sound of How Was I To Know, which finds a slight country vibe creeping in, and it’s a nice touch at this point. Holly Long really comes alive and you just want more from here out, and another ballad it is with Lost My Nerve which basically follows the vocal pattern of Sinatra’s “My Way,” as it croons away just like him. This isn’t the best track on offer but it’s a nevertheless hauntingly beautiful vocal. The nod to Chrissie Hynde continues on the playful Panic Attack, and then take a different turn on the massively hypnotic The Pendulum, another haunting number.

Shaken is another solid track to wind down to, sticking to a more original vibe.

This is a band to keep an eye on, as they could rise above the pitfalls and into stardom with Holly up front, she’s of that iconic female singer ilk. There isn’t one bad track to be had here, just check out There Goes My Man for the huge talent that is Holly Long and Bullyheart.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/holly-long/id30881925

Larry Toering

Score: 10/10