Jason Masi – Power of a Woman 

I’d bet that a lot of people would enjoy this album. It’s the kind of thing that appeals to a wide range. Yet, the sound is very classic in nature. I know that I’ve found a new album to really enjoy.  

“How to Be Rich” starts the disc in style. It has a great danceable groove. The sound is part soul, part blues and part modern rock. The whole thing seems to be well designed to get people on their feet and moving. I think it will probably succeed. The fact that it’s paired with great melodic hooks doesn’t hurt.  

It’s been said that men become the best they can be when encouraged to do so by the women in their lives. That’s what the title track is all about. It has such a great positive message. That really makes it work well for me. It’s a little less impressive as a song. It’s not that it’s bad. It just doesn’t have the same level of energy and magic as the opener did.  

The sound on “Never Alone” comes into the smooth jazz range. The song feels like Al Jarreau a bit. It’s another that has enough of a groove to really entice people to the dance floor. It’s another wonderful song. The vocal performance on the tune really feels just about perfect.  

Horns augment the arrangement on “I Will Make It Up to You.” The song is the most distinctly modern pop rock of just about anything on the disc. It’s got energy and some strong hooks. It just doesn’t connect as well with me as some of the others, do. Still, it’s a strong song.  

“Come on out Tonight” actually resembles a lot of contemporary country music. It’s more of a ballad. It has some tasteful guitar soloing. It works particularly well. Although it’s a fairly large departure, it still manages to fit with the rest of the music here. Two other songs, “Together and Happy” and “Good Things” have that country connection. In some ways, it’s even more pronounced on that piece than it is on Come on out Tonight.” All three songs are effective. I think part of that effectiveness comes from the fact that there are different styled pieces separating them.  

The first separator is “Woman Will You Be My Friend.” Blues and soul blend on it. It has a catchy melody and some sensuous grooves. It really has a classic sound. “Go With Me” (separator number two) shares the general musical textures of that song. It’s got some tasteful guitar soloing and a really emotional vocal performance. It’s among the highlights of the disc.  

The final song is “Amends.” It has some of the country elements built into it. It’s also got a lot of modern pop rock. The whole piece feels like it might be the most “radio friendly” number here. It’s strong, but not one of my favorites. It does make for a nice tie to bind the whole thing together nicely at the end.  

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– Mary Angela Tobin

9/10 Stars