Jourdan Myers – Ruin Me With Love

Some of this is a little too weird for me. Still, there is enough charm here to make this a winner. It starts and ends strong, too. That doesn’t hurt.

Starting with piano, “Lifetime or Before” turns to more of a rocker after the first section. A mellower song, “Long Days” has some real charm and magic. “Push Me On the Playground” sort of reminds me of Adele a bit. That’s a good thing. “Firelight,” though just doesn’t really reach out to me as much. It’s a little too odd.

Although “The Fight” is also pretty weird. I like it a lot. It’s pretty and the vocals add to that beauty. It’s mellow at the start, but rocks with energy in the middle sections.  I love the energy and vitality of “Wanderlust.” It’s one of the best here. It really rocks. Even though “Voice of Silver” isn’t extremely energized, I like it. There is a magic to it.

“Tears” is a weirder song. Yet, it works really well. I really like the guitar soloing on it. It’s not fancy or technical but sounds great. This is more about mood and feeling than anything else. I like “End of Me”  better than a lot of the rest. It has more of a mainstream rock sound to it. The energy and flow of the song are both very solid. I can hear some Adele on this number, too.

“Dusty Roses” feels more like the kind of pop music I hear on the radio these days. I like it a lot. I can hear some country music in “Be Here.” It’s a pretty piece and one of the best here. There is country music on “Slow Motion,” too. It’s got a lot of Americana, as well. This is another of my favorites. It has energy and melody along with charm.


– Diane Hill

8/10 Stars