Reminiscent of iconic and groundbreaking metal acts as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, Neven-K’s music might be in a different language but you can still feel the anger and like they say, awesomeness knows no barriers.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Neven-K’s songs like “Huevos eran los de Antes” starts with an eerie symphonic intro that soon turns into this heavy song filled with incredible guitar riffs and songs against the hypocrite and always changing society. Lyrics of rebellion, protest, religion and more can be heard throughout their songs and the vocals reminiscent of Enrique Bunbury, it´s melodic and fits so well with classic and original metal sound of the band. 

I have to say their videos are pretty cool and entertaining but sometimes have scenes that give it a low budget look. Despite that, the production work and music arrangements are done well. 

In the end, this is a band that has a lot of potential in playing in big festivals and becoming big in the scene. Seriously – in a time where Metal is losing its essence and the scene is full of posers and screamers that don´t know the difference between Metal and Hardcore music, Neven-K is aware of that and is getting back to the music´s roots. If you are an old school metal fan, I am sure you will dig this band and become a fan. 


– RJ Frometa