Nick DeStefano – We Seek Higher Ground


Nick DeStefano is a singer/songwriter from NJ who performs with his band The Spiders at local bars in North Jersey. He has performed all over North America. He has appeared on MTV with videos he shot with Faces In The Crowd & Y Fly 2 London. He signed a publishing deal with Grammy award winning Valentino Music. He is breaking new territory on “We Seek Higher Ground.” This is a song worth sinking your ears into indeed, as DeStefano practically begs for help after a flood with a tune that isn’t easy to get of your head. That is usually the ingredients of a hit, which it has every right to be. The vocals are over the top with harmony and the acoustic guitar work is nothing short of amazing, as it goes from light to heavy at just the right times. There is a quality to this that makes it playable several times before you really know you’re listening to the same song. It’s not long enough in that aspect, but still gets the point of where to go when such a disaster happens. The guitar work once again reflects that of both light and heavy handed touches, a remarkable mix especially with the vocals doing the same at opposite ends of the song. I find this to be a brilliant performance just about anyone can agree with. This contains a lyric that asks for help but at the same time doesn’t annoy in the process, as it serves its every purpose it’s aiming for with an awesome result.


John O’Flaherty

Score: 9/10