slim kings show

Forward Productions and Connie’s Ric Rac Present: The Slim Kings * Cold Roses * Modern Colour * Curtis Jr * Visoon

Advance tickets $12 –

$15 at door

Doors at 7:00, show starts at 8:00.

The Slim Kings
Making only their second trip thru Philly, The Slim Kings stand at the eye of a perfect storm for bluesy rock ‘n’ roll. Among the New York group’s ranks are three young guns; singer, and rhythm guitarist Michael Sackler-Berner, lead guitarist Henry Geller, and bassist Andy Attanasio along with legendary drummer Liberty DeVitto, who spent over three decades playing on seminal records for, and performing with Billy Joel. Blending elegant song craft, impeccable instrumentation, and a whole lot of soul, this formidable lineup comes to life.
Self-produced and recorded in their rehearsal studio in Brooklyn, these musicians have written songs together that tap into a pure and powerful energy. Michael asked Liberty, a drumming icon and the very first drummer he had ever seen in concert, to play on a session he had booked the very next day. Liberty listened to the music and called back fifteen minutes later. Now, with The Slim Kings, they have solidified their musical partnership as band mates. The quintet really comes together on a stage where new ideas and old souls unite to make a beautiful racket.


Cold Roses
Philly’s Cold Roses borrowed their name from a Ryan Adams song, and their sound from country rockers like Neil Young, the Band and Kings of Leon. Rob Clancy, the band’s leader, is not afraid of an incendiary, electro-powered guitar solo, nor does he shy away from the sweetness of close, soaring harmonies. His rhythm section cranks a hard-punching, slow-moving beat that embodies perseverance, blunted longing and a wary acknowledgement of the worst-case scenario. “Let Me Go,” the big crowd pleaser, arouses thirsts that can’t be entirely quenched by a longneck, an aching for true love, a good fistfight and the open road.


Modern Colour
While bursting onto the Philadelphia music scene as the city’s response to the deconstructed blues-rock pioneered by Jack White and The Black Keys, Modern Colour expanded their sound by experimenting with different genres and working with artists representative of each. Though the band is still a straightforward and in-your-face rock n’ roll group, a closer listen reveals layers of hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B, Americana, and funk influences hidden beneath the blues bars and driving drums.
In the spring of 2013, Modern Colour began working on their sophomore recording. It had been six months since they released their debut EP ‘Rally at the Summit’— recorded at Sigma Sound Studios with producer Dave Clauss (Shakira, Wyclef Jean). After months of planning, the band launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign and exceeded their goal in raising over $10,000. With this money, Modern Colour was determined to prove they could make a DIY rock record without the aid of a label. The summer was spent writing and rehearsing new material. The band decided to work at Forge Recording in Philadelphia, Pa. with Ron DiSilvestro, the studio’s lead engineer.


Curtis Jr.
The name is Curtis Jr. (A.K.A Tom Curtis Jr.), A singer/Song writer born in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Curtis Jr. began teaching himself music at the age of 14 and started writing his own material a year later. After jamming along with a band for a couple of years, Curtis jumped on the crazy train and went solo.
Pushing harder then ever, Curtis Jr. began writing more, performing all over the area including Philadelphia, Delaware, and New York, and also started hitting the studios. After bursting through demo track after demo track, the 6 song EP titled “Lie To Me” was released, January 8th, 2010. Tracks off the EP such as “The Stars”, “Lie To Me”, and “So Much” can be heard on 93.7 WSTW. Live sessions on 93.7 and other local radio stations were broadcasted around the time of the release as well


A band with blues and R&B roots, that has layers of influence coming from funk, reggae, Jazz, and folk. Heavy improvisation with a wall of sound in an old school power trio.