Christopher Giles

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Christopher Giles’ artistic nature fuels his desire to share, inspire, and evoke thoughts and emotions in those around him; that, combined with his spiritual foundation as a believer in Christ motivates him to lift others up with love and encouragement. As a believer, his goal is to reflect the Lord in his writings, thoughts, decisions, and of course his music. He set out to create, not realizing the depth of Love that would come through in his original works.

Chris’s love for music began like most, at a very young age. Music was a way to escape, connect with, and provide a sense of belonging to the world around him. Chris’s brother started drumming as a teenager, thus providing an opportunity to see music from a different side. Instead of just admiring and/or gravitating to a specific song or genre, he was able to appreciate music from an artistic creative view as well. The spiritual sensibility he combines with pop songwriting is uniquely served up on “Let me Know.” Kicking off with I Wanna, the clean sound is instantly noticeable, and this a solid opener with a cool bullhorn effect at the very end and it’s fantastic. There is a purity going on of course but it has an edge to go with it that contrasts perfectly for a great tune to start the show off. Wherever You Go is track 2, and it’s vocally on par with the opener but there is more surfacing in the music, which is equally creative. Let Me Know is the title track and Giles comes alive on it, and it’s likely the most spiritual song on the whole album. These aren’t hardcore Christian rock songs but they do keep a strong inflection of it, which crosses over very well to pop music, sounding more accessible that way for radio airplay. This track is a lot to take in, I love it. Other stand out tracks for me are: Need You To, Partners In Crime, both awesome as well. But it’s Light’s In Stereo in which I’m sold the most on. This is a throwback with modern edges that won’t quit. It keeps beat through mild use of electronics, and stands apart from everything else on the disc. I could imagine Giles singing for any number of bands, and I’ve never even seen him perform, but he screams killer front man. Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t have to be religious to get off on these tunes, as they just as well could be your brother or your friend who you hear every day, singing the good word, and you wouldn’t know the difference. It’s positive music, not preachy. It’s current, it’s relevant, all of the above. Even being able to pick up and relate on the great lyrics of Giles, I would recommend this CD to anyone, and I think the world could use a few more artists with this much going on.

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SP Clarke

Score: 9/10