Andrea Nardello – Echo


For those who have dealt with writer´s block knows that it happens all the sudden, the day you less expect –most of the time when you are under pressure-, but the good thing is that inspiration can come from anywhere. You just have to let it grow in you or wait for it. That´s the case of Andrea Nardello´s new record Echo where a simple love song she wrote for her girlfriend heralded a new era of emboldened self-identity and reinvigorated creativity and where she claims it showcase a new side fans haven´t heard and where she found her own voice.

The album kicks off with ¨Beautiful Girls¨ where armed with an acoustic guitar and simple drum lines are enough to create a song that slowly but firmly grows into an inspiring track where she takes a stand on self-esteem and encourage people to overcome their problems. ¨I Am The Water¨ is a metaphor where the water represents the fans that love every minute of their shows. As you listen through the record there´s no doubt that this is like a diary in audiobook format, so to speak. She pours her heart into every song; you really feel this is not someone else speaking through her as many mainstream artists do now in days where someone writes the lyrics for them and the artists only work as a vehicle/performer but is Andrea speaking. The production work is something else that stands out even though it´s really simple, I really like that intimate vibe that gives you the impression you are actually sitting at the studio or a live performance and she´s there, singing in front of you; she´s not far away but closer than what you may think (it´s a metaphor, if you really see her in your room or seated next to you in your car you are either a friend or need to call your doctor or perhaps start taking your pills again, just saying).

I seriously can´t think of any bad comment. Overall, Nordello is far away from being an artist and so damn close to be a genuine singer-songwriter and storyteller. Throughout the album you can hear the clear echoes of someone who´s not in the scene to be rich or famous nor for the music sake, I really believe if we had to label her, it will be ¨storyteller¨. You would not dance your problems away and just as alcohol, forget about them for a while but as a rehab, they will go away (slowly but certainly).

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by RJ Frometa