Citizen Corps 

Citizen Corps are a patriotic, vocal-pop group from Upstate New York. When I first listened to their song “American Resolve 911 Dedication,” I was impressed by the powerful words they put together to pay tribute to those fallen in 9/11. It’s very enlightening to see a group so passionate for their country, and care so much about something. 

If there was one thing I could change, however, it would be to add more instrumentals. I barely hear any backing instruments which makes the sound a bit boring. Only having a bell ringing, is distracting and it would help if their were a variety of instruments playing. 

Over-all, if Citizen Corps decides to add in more instrumentals and less bells, they will be successful. I could see these guys playing fundraisers for our troops and paying respects to the fallen of 9/11. I do hope to see them succeed, because they are writing music for a great cause. 


Michelle Lopez