While listening to “City Streets,” by P. Mike Kropman, I was immediately impressed. It sounds like a country song with and indie twist. He’s definitely unique and that will bring him up and help get his name out there.


The “P” in Mike’s name stands for pastor. You can hear in his music that he is very connected to God and is very passionate about his beliefs, just as other artists I’ve reviewed. He gives a new meaning to indie-country Christian music. The only thing I would add is, maybe some gang vocals. I feel Mike could get his point across more if he used a choir or people and had them sing a line or two. Maybe even a small verse.

Over-all, Mike is definitely a talented artist. I see him going far in the Christian-music community. It won’t be long before churches all over the nation have his music playing before mass starts. He’s a great influence on the subject and I believe he will make it far if he keeps doing what he’s doing.


Michelle Lopez