Nine Kinds of Happy by Last Charge of the Light Horse


In the latest album by songwriter Jean-Paul Vest entitled, Nine Kinds of Happy, left me wondering if there was any kind of happy. Indeed happiness is open to interpretation, and the Jean-Paul’s band, Last Charge of the Light Horse newest album rotates a very laid back easy going set of vocals, and a in-distinctive blend of instruments. The dreamy layers leave nothing differentiable, but somehow as an adult alternative sound it works. As each and every layer was purposefully set to compliment the other layer, a rare blend of musical harmony is bestowed. Without a doubt by track number four, All of My Days, I could engage my thinking into the understanding of Nine Kinds of Happy. The latest album, All of My Days, placed me into thought of connective stops along this life’s journey in happiness. Glaciers, the longest track on the album, caught my attention, as a tribute to life and living. The Less Said the Better plays a reminiscent Spanish overtone guitar that is enigmatically stunning as an opening to the song. So Happy, we find as the last track on the album, seems to be summation of Nine Kinds of Happy. We were given eight songs, but within the title we are told there are nine, so perhaps Jean-Paul is leaving the ninth for us to find.  Each track gives the listener a glimpse into possible situations of happiness, yet again the blend of nothing reaching out to grab the ear lends this album to be submitted to a very easy going afternoon. Harmonious, soft spoken, casual listening music that brings a solace of comfort. A quiet spot of musicianship that breathes in and out with the sounds of contentment. Nine Kinds of Happy delivers it’s title plays with some experimental sounds, brings notes of progressive, leaves the air clearer, relaxed, and thoughtful.

Michael Rand

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