Tony Lucca


At the ripe old age of 12, Tony Lucca had his first paying gig as a musician at a Jr. High School dance and by the age of 15, he parlayed his childhood rock-n-roll fantasy into a legitimate career, getting cast among an extraordinary group of newcomers on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, along with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears.

Lucca pulls inspiration from the heroes he heard on the radio growing up, from Tom Petty, Billy Squier to AC/DC’s Angus Young, tapping into a sense of timelessness he places somewhere between The Black Crowes and the Black Keys.

Each of the 12 songs on “Tony Lucca” are deeply personal. The first thing I noticed as the CD opens with Old Girl, is the searing guitar bite in this track that hopefully continues. And continue it does on My Confession and the rest, I’m happy to report. They both have a slight country-ish ring as well. And track 3 delivers the brilliance of Delilah with its more delicate but astonishing approach. And then it actually picks up more steam on Imagination, which is already one of my picks for best track. This is a hit song if I ever heard one, to which there exists a lyric promo video. But it starts to lose some power after the likes of Cherry, but not before it does the business as usual. And this is where the songwriting gets even craftier and his crooner side comes pouring out. I like how it sooths everything down to a mellower set of songs, but there is still the occasional bursts of energy, it’s just that the songs get better with me the more serious they become. The guitar begins to take more of a back seat with the exception of the great acoustics on Never Make It Out Alive, which does still have its share of energy. But this gives the keys some room to breathe, especially on the big ballad, North Star, which is where the disc essentially peaks, and serves to prove Lucca’s strong point. I also like Sweat It Out and the excellent Paint A Picture, as I find them to be two of the most enjoyable tracks.

This is a seriously good album with two sides to it, both with something for lovers of singer-songwriter and rock with a bit of soul to top it off.  The production is second to none and the tracks all first rate pop, rock and soul. Just listen to Right On Time and Smoke ‘Em, for the divine contrast to be found throughout this killer title.


SP Clarke

Score: 8/10