Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox is a Christian musician with beautiful songs of love and faith that are not your typical gospel music. He has a wide range of styles from soft and serene ballads with gorgeous piano instrumentals to fun and faster paced songs with fun and catchy electric guitar. He seems to have a song for every mood and they all have exceptional instrumentals. A few of my favorite tunes were “Door to My Heart”, “Gospel Armor”, and “Wasted Time”.

There are a few songs that have some pitch issues. It seems as though when he tried to hold a high note for too long, there is some audible cracking in his voice. There are also moments when he seems to go too low for his range of vocals, almost as if he is trying too hard. If he changed certain pitches or octaves then the quality of his voice would be much more pronounced and smooth. There are a couple of songs where the lyrics could use some work because they just seem to drag on a bit too long with the same phrase over and over and you begin to lose interest in the beauty of the song itself.

With all of that being said, I would give Mr. Andrew Fox a 7 out of 10 stars. His music is beautiful and the instrumentals are extremely sophisticated and well written. All of his songs send a wonderful message about God and Jesus, and he has a beautiful voice when he stays within the pitch that complements his voice. A couple of the songs could use more lyrics and have pitch adjustments, but overall it was a pleasure to listen to his music.

– Amber Lien