We’re already a quarter-way through 2015?! That’s insane. Then again, we’ve already discovered a dozen or so new bands to add to the station thanks to our Band vs Band segment on Gashouse Live. Our listeners vote using our thumbs up/down buttons, and so we know which songs to keep in heavy rotation.


We take all the highest voted songs each day and put them into our Top 10 Countdown, which airs everyday at 6pm ET. This Top 10 changes daily, but at the end of every month, we post the highest voted songs of the entire month. Here are your favorite songs from March, 2015:


dickvandykes1. Blinded – The Dick Van Dykes

2. All the Wrong – Taeko McCarroll

3. Julie – Kenny Fame

4. Divided Subtraction – Fox Bay

5. The Pumpkin Method – A Crucifying Feeling

6. Peppermint Pain – Liscore

7. Letters From Camp – Joe Scheller

8. Je Ne Sais Pas – Jupiter In Velvet

9. Flowers from the Rain – Black Mountain Symphony

10. Man of the Times – In the Presence of Wolves


Expect these songs to be in heavy rotation for awhile on Gashouse Radio. Thank you for your continued support, and please keep sharing your opinion! The more you use those thumbs up/down buttons, the better mix of music we can provide!