May 25, 2015



A psychedelic stew overflowing with notes of blues, funk, and reggae- Tropical Nasty is this week’s featured band.


To put a label on Tropical Nasty would be a disservice. This young three piece may play a part in 60s/70s rock and reggae revival, but their experimental jam band vibe exhibits a freedom which knows no bounds. Tropical Nasty’s animated stage presence, abundant guitar solos, and creative improv reveal a polite tip-of-a-hat to their cherished mentors Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, and Nirvana.


Don’t miss any of Tropical Nasty’s shenanigans at the 3rd Annual Summer Kick-Off Music Festival at Dave & Buster’s Dockside Bar Saturday June 6th. Additional bands include Overcoming Gravity, Zymotic Flow, Pravda (Band), Plantation, Widow Maker Social Club, Greg Dress, Whaler’s Run, Rockers Galore, Curtis Jr., Murphee Doyle, Bosom Band, and Rachel Schain. Still wanting more? Join Tropical Nasty Thursday June 11th for their nine-track CD Release Party at the Trocadero


Don’t forget to tune in all this week to hear Tropical Nasty in heavy rotation. You can catch a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (Tuesday/Thursday 7pm ET). If you like (or hate) what you hear, please share your opinion by using the thumbs up/down buttons. For more Tropical Nasty check out their Facebook page!