Four Sides by Honor By August

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After releasing four albums and two EPs, ‘Honor By August’ is now offering their latest album, ‘Four Sides’ with four different tracks from their preferred genre of rock. The band is essentially a quartet with Michael Pearsall as the lead vocalist, Evan Field on the guitar, Chris Rafetto on the bass and Brian Shanley on the drums. The band chose to add the word ‘August’ to their name because of the meaning it represents, which is inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic.

The first song, ‘Mad Mission’ has only one thing that can be truly appreciated, the music. The song is well composed, with the guitar and the drums setting the perfect rhythm for the tone of the song, while the rest of the elements, such as the vocals and the lyrics do not exactly impress the listener. The lyrics could have added more meaning to the song and could have less repetitive. And the vocals could have used some variety as they bring down the charm of the composition.

The next song, ‘The Way You Move,’ although doesn’t exactly fit into the album, by means of its composition, the music, the tone of the song and the genre, the song is a brilliant composition. Everything about the track is moving and calls for an applause. The track has variety, even in very limited manner and quantity. The track has a sense of passion that the first one lacks.

The next track ‘Scarecrow’ fails to make an impression on the audience with its mediocre composition and lackluster lyrics. The seemingly admirable feature of the song remains the fact that the vocalist is able to deliver his part through the chorus, where he truly convinces the audience of his musical talent. Even though, the track has an appeal to it in the beginning, it eventually fades away to nothing. The track fails to hold your attention.

Although, the final track, ‘Hey Mamma’ somehow manages to hold your attention, it doesn’t quite make the cut of being a brilliant composition. Yes, the lyrics do build up the charm factor of the song and the vocals impress you, no doubt, but this not the song you are expecting to listen to from a rock band.

The band has got many things right but not the key elements, such as variety and uniqueness. The band could have easily put in more effort on the musical front to present more songs that are more in sync with the genre.

– Greg Wolf

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