Marco Restrepo releases Lonely Hearts Club


From Georgia emerges a new yet upcoming guitarist/producer named Marco Restrepo who just released his latest release entitled “Lonely Hearts Club” in 2014. As a music fans aficionado who’s strictly a voyeur, a writer who’s never played a lick or tried to fit different musical components together into a cohesive whole, I’m intrigued by the idea of a up and coming guitarist/producer like Restrepo playing guitar within a sonic space like Hip Hop Pop. In the past it’s the artists who took risks that proved to be prime movers within the artistic arena. This surging guitarist/producer is somewhat of a musical force. As if playing almost all the instruments on the CD isn’t enough. This is his debut release to date. Restrepo is proving yet again persistence pays off. This latest CD is a pleasant musical journey proving yet again that good musicianship can entertain many and need not be taken too seriously – but never to be taken too lightly. On “Lonely Hearts Club” achieves his own distinctive voice in significant part by featuring the infectious Classic UK-Rock guitar that will always be timeless gem regardless of the musical backdrop. At the same time with all of the expanded tonal ranges and expressiveness that other instruments can dish out – making for a unique sonic experience altogether. The ultimate beauty of this collection, though, is in the way Restrepo so fumbles his novice playing style against and Alternative Rock background. Playing a mostly supporting role on numbers like the opening track “Saw You Standing” and “Heartbeat” to the brilliant “Keep Falling”. Then taking it up a few notches with “Rihanna” and “Just A Smile”. Also present are the more straight forward “Love Is” and spunky “Freak” and hooky “Paul McCartney” Restrepo clearly fees equally as comfortable powering through the modern pop grooves of the former as tiptoeing through the more contemplative, rocking mood music contrails of the latter.

On this CD Restrepo finds the seam between the two approaches, delivering a steady interlude of music in the midst of musical chaos making for a boiling CD. Much of the songs unfold in similar fashion as watts and crew alternate solo/duo meditative moments with deftly executed, often-challenging smooth-poppy syncopation. Restrepo is a decent musician and writer but not to the pro level as of yet. CD seems more like a musical experiment to me that a pro level release. After some thinking I really wouldn’t compare him to anyone, but hence the title of the CD he does remind me of The Beatles and older material from Lenny Kravitz and maybe even Prince to Morris Day. I can’t begin to describe his sound accurately, maybe “sing-songy rock funk” if you will. You really have to check it out for yourself, and you will be glad you did via below link:


“Lonely Hearts Club” is a powerful, poppy, eccentric, danceable CD that at times and yet courageously explores the boundaries between modern electro-pop and intensely passionate DIY flair with and uncommon subtlety and fumbled grace that not many can pull off so well for a first album.

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Score 7.5/10 Stars

Trey Loomis