Not Another Playne Jayne

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The term “Plain Jane” has entered our vernacular as meaning a girl or a woman who is ordinary or average. Its frequent use has also come to mean something that is common or not distinct. The name “Plain Jane” has been used by many a regional cover band to telegraph that they aren’t anything earth shaking meant to change the music industry just a solid band where you will probably be familiar with the music and have a good time. So what am I to think of a band that calls themselves Not Another Playne Jayne? This is the task at hand. As the name implies, this band is anything but plain, common, or average. Not Another Playne Jayne is a rock and roll band with attitude. They have just released their debut album on May 25 and the band from Aurora Colorado is ready to stake their claim.

Not Another Playne Jayne is a core group of three musicians, Stephen Jayne and Adam Stewart on vocals and JD Stefan taking care of the heavy lifting credited with the instrumentation. The album is rock with a tough, gritty sound that reminds this reviewer of the great arena bands of the 1980’s and early 1990’s. It’s a big sound with lots of hard rock riffs and guitar licks that would make Ted Nugent proud. Add to that the numerous guitar trills and gruff growling vocals and you have a hybrid group that will appeal to the hard rock enthusiasts as well as devotees of the many sub genres of metal music. The production on the album is fantastic with each and every part crisp and audible and the vocals are right out front and not lost in the mix.
The band’s website says they “specialize in a somewhat dark, yet redemptive sound, while utilizing a unique variety of complimentary styles and techniques”. I guess that’s a kind way of saying that they are disciples of the darker side of rock and roll but don’t want to firmly plant their flag in any one of the many specialized genres of metal music. The album starts off with an ethereal track called ‘Only a Test’ that reminds me of a Zappa inspired track and sets the listener up for a ride they won’t soon forget. ‘Welcome to the Void’ follows and is a hard charging rapid fire track and we get a good sense of the band’s roots and inspiration. If hard rock is your thing, you will probably enjoy this album as each cut explores new territory and carries the listener on a hard rock and roll journey not to be missed.

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Rob Penland