July 13, 2015

Two emcees, a drummer and a percussionist, a bassist, two guitarists, a keyboardist, an occasional horn section, and special appearances from additional emcees and singers- Ill Doots is this week’s featured band.

It all began in 2009 with a few talented teenagers from completely diverse backgrounds messing around in a dorm room jam session. Their mutual love for music and art, and their desire to learn and grow individually/collectively built the foundation of what is now an 8+ piece hip hop/funk band know as Ill Doots. Ill Doots has coined the term 3EATKRACK to properly describe their raw, unencumbered emotion and soulful sound with elements of jazz, old school hip hop, and 60’s funk. The end result is a harmonization of sick beats, effortless flows, and damn good times.

Besides consistent live shows, and constant press (including Philadelphia Weekly’s “If you haven’t heard of these 10 Philly bands, you’re missing out), Ill Doots is on a lifelong mission to change the way communities respond to and value music, art, and life. This operation is called #ILLMOVEMENT. The ILL equally standing for “I Love Living” and “I Love Learning.” In other words, “to live is to learn.” The Ill Doots collective is committed to making a positive impact on Philadelphian youth through art-based educational empowerment. Now, more than ever, society needs creativity the most. Join the #ILLMOVEMENT.

Starting this Thursday July 16th, Ill Doots “Live Revival” one month Connie’s Ric Rac residency launches with an open mic style event including Wordplay, Rich QuicK, Mike Voss, Pat Durkin, CJ the Genesis, Prof. DexteR, Andrew Albitz. Running for the four following Thursdays(July 23rd, 30th, and August 6th) each night is a different spectacle of music and art.

Don’t forget to tune in all this week to hear Ill Doots in heavy rotation. You can catch a track at the beginning of every Gashouse Live (Tuesday/Thursday 7pm ET). If you like (or hate) what you hear, please share your opinion by using the thumbs up/down buttons! Check out IllDoots.com for music, videos, events, and more info on the #ILLMOVEMENT.