Every Tuesday night Carly, Jacqueline and myself present the newest music to hit Gashouse Radio. Congrats to Eric and Aaron who came out on top of last week’s Band vs Band. They’re included in this week’s show again, along with Wonky Tonk, The Pretty Fingers, Brosef Gordon-Levitt, Whiskey Reverb, and Donovan Moore. Plus we played a brand new track from Sam Page called So So Cynical.

Jacqueline brought MBerry in studio this week. This little tablet, made of an all natural berry, tricks your taste buds. Sour becomes sweet, spicy becomes savory, and it is a very strange feeling. So we tested out a ton of food and drinks while under the influence. We also discussed Google’s Dream Robot, and all the latest music and entertainment news.

Oh, and aliens.We have to talk about aliens because they are coming…for real.