The UK is testing out roads that charge electric cars as they go

During the trials, vehicles will be fitted with wireless technology and special equipment will be installed beneath roads to replicate motorway conditions. Electric cables buried under the surface will generate electromagnetic fields, which will be picked up by a coil inside the device and converted into electricity.


Cars that power themselves as they ride. So once we reach this point, then what? It has to be the end of our civilization as we know it right I mean, we’ve reached the pinnacle, we’re done. Game over, we won. Someone has to hit the reset button and we start over. We think that these ancient civilizations we so crude and less advanced; I think they just got to a certain level of technology and someone or something hit the reset button.


This system of re-charging electric cars would severely lessen the need for oil. This would make the middle east powerless. This would also cripple many wealthy people, which is why it will be very difficult to make a reality. And isn’t that the worst part of all of this? This technology is not out of reach, it’s already here. The reason we do not enjoy this technology already is because the people in charge of our country make too much money off of the competition. So this technology is buried.


We need to demand it.