If there were a Philadelphia Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, this week’s feature would be in the freshman class. 

Check out the new single D.N.A. from John Faye & Those Meddling Kids on the new John Faye Box Set!
Check out the new single D.N.A. from John Faye & Those Meddling Kids on the new John Faye Box Set!

There aren’t to many artists in the Philadelphia area who’ve enjoyed a successful career like John Faye. For over 2 decades John has been a staple in the Philly music scene and beyond. And while he has earned the right to be a pretentious rock star who doesn’t have time for the little people, John has always been recognized as a gentlemen in the scene as well.

So who is John Faye and how did he become so well-known within the Philly music scene? Well, some people know him from that band in the 90’s that scored a hit with Devil’s Diary. Others might know him as the front man from that band that dominated the scene in the 00’s. Regardless of when you first introduced to John Faye, chances are you’re still following his career today. So let’s take a quick look at the many projects:


The Caulfields: John fronted a band called The Caulfields through the 1990’s. This band saw quite a bit of success, and in 1995 they were signed to A&M Records. After 3 albums, international touring and some airplay on MTV, The Caulfields disbanded in 1998.


The John Faye Power Trip: After the Caulfields called it quits,John Faye teamed up with Starbelly singer/guitarist Cliff Hillis to form The John Faye Power Trip. This group released one album and continued that same power pop sound that is synonymous with Faye.


IKE: In 2002, The John Faye Power Trip morphed into one of the most well-known Philadelphia bands of this century; IKE. From 2002 through 2011 IE released 6 albums. The band received tons of accolades in that time period, including regular radio play. A few tracks were even featured during major sporting events for the Phillies, Eagles, and Flyers. Their song “Into Philadelphia” was played at every home game during the Phillies 2008 and 2009 World Series bids.


John & Brittany: In 2008 John met Brittany Rotondo at an IKE show. The 2 quickly became friends, and starting writing together. Like all of John Faye’s projects, this duo saw quite a bit of success in Philadelphia as well. In 2013 John and Brittany released a very successful album called Start Sinning, and hosted a weekly open mic at The Legendary Dobbs (which Faye continues to host to this day on Wednesday nights).


John Faye & Those Meddling Kids: After a 5 year run, John and Brittany parted ways. It wasn’t long after that John Faye found himself a new project. Because of his reputation in the Philly music scene, and his work at the open mic, it wasn’t difficult for John to find his next group of band-mates. In late 2014 a handful of already recognizable Philadelphia artists started appearing on stage and hence became John Faye & Those Meddling Kids. The is expecting to release their debut album in the fall of 2015.

john faye box setSo as you can see John Faye has put together quite a catalog of music over the last 20 years. Earlier this year he released the John Faye box set, which includes 10 albums from the aforementioned bands, plus tons of extras and the first single from John Faye & The Meddling Kids – D.N.A.

I highly recommend this box set. It’s an incredible amount of music for only $20, and it comes on a nice USB bracelet that you can re-use. You really can’t beat that! It’s a part of Philadelphia music history, and hours of great music. Get the box set at www.johnfaye.com/store.

I also recommend you go see the live! On August 22nd John Faye & Those Meddling Kids are opening up for Soul Asylum at the Levoy Theatre in Millville, NJ!

In honor of the upcoming show, and the box set, we’re featuring the music of John Faye for 2 weeks leading up to the show. John is in heavy rotation all this week as our featured band. In addition to this, we’ll be featuring the full albums as well!

Everyday at 5pm ET we play an album from beginning to end. From Wednesday August 12th through Saturday August 22nd we’ll be playing a John Faye album everyday at 5pm ET, in chronological order. The Caulfields, The John Faye Power Trip, John & Brittany, and IKE will all be featured leading up to their show at Levoy Theatre on August 22nd.

So tune in to Gashouse all day, every day, grab the John Faye box set at johnfaye.com, and go see them open for Soul Asylum on August 22nd!