Nashaat Salman – Universal Melodies


Musical style: Electronic ambient, full of the same dark mystery that rummages through the streets of Milan is only broken with the coming of the dawn. Enter one Nashaat Salman a Swiss based composer that just released his latest 4 Track EP “Universal Melodies” in 2015 (SDMP Records). On the upside, you can expect a highly experienced musician/engineer who champion a high intensity sound against the mellow ambient sounding backdrop of almost “trace-like hypnotic” sound. On “Universal Melodies” one can expect 4 passionate clips of spot-on Ambient/Chill that are sure to inspire and gravitate many listeners. The arrangements on the musical side are pretty straight forward yet vintage in their own right. Ninety seconds into the first track “Summer Night Joy” two of the first things crossing your mind is: 1) How undeniably truthful and honest the music sounds, and 2) why the heck haven’t I heard of Nashaat Salman before? But let’s not get to ahead of ourselves.

Track 1 “Summer Night Joy” gets things off the ground nicely offering a smooth flowing rather intense, prelude leading you into my favorite song: It’s a marquee anthem that really brings the writing style of Salman to the forefront, while “Dancing Star” is an intellectual affirmation that just seems to go stay with you long after the song is over. While intoxicating “Chasing” delivers more heartfelt balladry that plucks at the heart strings. The CD as a whole does a nice job at offering a wide variety of music. Bring in the combination of good playing/programming, solid heartfelt writing and a high level production value you will hear get what this EP is all about. Their musical style flows and ebbs well with bursting intensity then quickly withdraws again into seclusion. I found this to be a very cool trait of Salman. “Dancing Start (Radio Edit)” is another impressive standard that couples inspiration and passion. Taking all of this into consideration you begin to understand why Salman is making a name for himself around the Electronic Music arena. The music itself – simply powerful and full of intrigue, passion, and wisdom.

I can also hear a bit of Neon Indian, The American Dollar, Moby, Stefan Torto and AONUA.

In the end Nashaat Salman does a marvelous job of extolling emotional energy and passion via a strong and impressive 4 piece package called “Universal Melodies.”


– Diane Carroll