August was a great month for new music on Gashouse Radio. We first debut the new submissions in our Band vs Band segment, daily at 7pm ET. The listeners let us know what they like using our thumbs up/down buttons (located on the Now Playing and Chat pages, as well as on our mobile app).

We tally these “votes” to determine rotation after their initial debut. We also post the highest voted songs each month. These are the songs playing on Gashouse Radio right now that you really need to pay attention to, because our audience has consistently been voting them up! Here are the highest voted songs of August, 2015:

1. The Menstruating Angel and the Snoring Hummingbird – Tusko Fatale

2. UR A Drug – Alice Sungurov

3. Winter Song – Skyline Sounds

4. Rainbow Girl – Fiona MacMahon

5. Mental Euphoria – The Bliss Trip

6. Bethesda – The Good Mess

7. Lose My Mind – Chris Gennett

8. After all is said and done – The Boxtones

9. TUNGUSKA / After Party Blues – Stereoma

10. Birthday Wish – The Companies