Developing Story: We just received a report from a trusted source that Tommy Joyner and Bill Hanson, the owners of Philly music venue MilkBoy will be opening another location on South Street, in what was formerly Lickety Split (and then 2nd State Lounge for a short period after a less-than-helpful Bar Rescue episode), on the corner of 4th & South Streets.



lickety-splitThe business has been closed since the death of one of the partners earlier this year. It had been a very supportive member of the Philly music scene over the years, and was a well known spot on the city’s open mic circuit.

Reports are that they purchased the entire block, with the intentions of replicating the floor plan of their center city location. Again this is a developing story and pending an official announcement, it remains to be seen what the actual plans for the location will be.

Of course, we’ll keep you posted with any and all updates to this breaking story!

Update:  Thanks to Michael Klein of for updating to the story after speaking with Bill Hanson, co-owner of MilkBoy. “We believe in South Street”, stated Hanson, but understandable preferred to keep additional details “close the vest”. He did confirm that they would only be taking the corner building on 4th & South, not the entire block.


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