My Politic – Anchor


My Politic’s Kaston Guffey (vocals/guitar) writes with honesty and cautious optimism in the songs that comprise My Politic’s latest release Anchor. As the other half of the band, Nick Panky (bkg.vocals/guitar) creates harmonies that extend the depth and beauty of the songs embodied on “Anchor.” Guffey’s lyrics wrestle with the questions that wear on the heart and the mind with equal intensity, and, in, doing so, provide a personal testimony about his findings. My Politic made the move to Nashville, TN in the fall of 2013 where they met their newest member Wilson Conroy, who has helped the band further realize their sound. The vocal style of this trio is definitely akin to my preference in country music, but that doesn’t mean they’re a hardcore country band, because these guys are excellent folk players, as well, so Americana really takes on its own life and wins here. Already being a little familiar with them it’s easier to evaluate this CD. I also pick up on the lyrics so well, that I find the talents equally combined, they just flow together right. This can annoy or win over the listener as fast as anything. I can get into all of the songs here enough to fairly appreciate their music. Great music takes you to the right places, and that’s the most soothing aspect about it to me, and they deliver that prime element. You get sucked in early if that is your thing. “Before It’s Too Late” is the opening number of the set, with some nice storyline and some great strings, especially at the bridges, that is an awesome build up with an almost haunting effect, and to start off it’s good news right away but it’s “God Vs Evolution” where things really take off. This is great, as it manages to dull every sense. It’s actually an epic track, a really good piece of work. Heartfelt vocals that really cut to the bone, with a brooding rhythm section which pulsates through the album. The lyrics stand out and easy to follow, with nothing bad to really say. “Ways Of Love” is all vocals and lyrics and a fine performance put in with the usual backing. Another good song. But it just gets better on “Heartless,” with a nice Celtic heavy touch which is never absent on the disc, but instantly noticed here, it’s a quiet but intricate tune with again some great vocals that carry it all the way for what it’s worth as the lyrics reach a depressing stage, making it not such a happy song, as relationships can be. But musically it is rather slow, to describe the speed. But even slower is the next track, but it’s just as good, another one of the better offerings, again relationships get heavy in this for what seems to be an unsavory character story, which runs very deep. Once again it’s the vocals and the lyrics here for me that stand out the most. But it’s a pretty wrecked up tale and makes for a good number.

“The Truth” is up next, and it falls somewhere between the first two songs, with some nice jangly strings and a killer bluesy guitar solo. I find this to be a very good song, as the mood goes feel good, which is a change for the better at this point on the disc. This makes way for “Ain’t No Saint” which gets musically more complex with some violin. I have to say this is another excellent delivery, no question this is undeniably awesome playing and really shows how good of musician’s they are. At this point I have to say it’s hard to find a flaw in what they do, but the variation of moods do pace a little. For example things get very dry on “Civil War Song” but no less great in the songwriting area, and actually another highlight. It’s full of everything that is good about My Politic. For such a good album they don’t lose any points either on the closing track “Anchor,” the title track taking things to a solid exit. It’s actually one of the catchiest tracks of them all, with some more cut to the bones lyrics that make you think, and that is a testament to this group. This is all great music with ups and downs in the attitude department to keep things interesting, which they definitely manage to pull off with flying colors. In fact it keeps me interested in them, as I already liked what I’d heard before getting into this release, which I’m late in hearing, but still sounds fresh. All of their music is worth seeking out, as they really are something you don’t hear a lot of in the mainstream, and I think some of that is because of where they originally come from, as they’ve relocated a couple of times, and they seem to have gotten better with each move. For my money it’s all worth a good listen, especially if you like classic country style vocals and modern Americana themes with a folk heavy approach. If so, not only is this release up your alley, but so is this killer trio. Guffey in particular is a major talent. I really like the whole thing, and the band, as it’s difficult to bring anything down, most of the music is too uplifting.

Rhapsody –

John O’Flaherty