Robert Nash – The Ghost of Your Old Love


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Robert Nash is an independent singer/song writer with an amazing and refreshing soulful sound. While dwelling in London in 2007 he released an EP, his debut, Shooting in the Dark. Returning to Sydney to write new material, Nash created an at-home studio where he created the confessional and autobiographical songs heard on The Ghost of Your Love. An assortment of collaborations occurred when making this album as he had musicians from all across the world contribute to the sounds and styles of the record. Strings in St. Petersburg, horns In London and drums recorded in Los Angeles, all to accompany the acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keys, percussion and mandolin played by Nash himself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the assortment of style throughout the album. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars made for an eerie and soothing sound. The instruments Nash selected seemed to accompany his voice perfectly. The songs, while short, portrayed the ideas of love and love lost perfectly. I’m Not letting Go, track 3, is a perfect example of Nash’s ability to create a short but incredibly sweet love song with an amazing progression of beats that are smooth and sultry. His voices seem to have a very calming effect and I found myself getting lost in the sounds of his record. Only good things can be assumed about a record that can make you lose track of time because it is so enthralling. I loved the instrumental introduction song solos to The Ghost of Your Old Love, track 10. The lyrics are amazing. There is a very poetic feel for the way that Nash writes. It is very relatable. He understands what it means to sing about love and heartache and isn’t afraid to be transparent with his listeners.

The only criticism I might have is that the lyrics weren’t always easy to understand. The words seemed to blend together a little making it hard to know what exactly what was said. Also, some of the songs weren’t long enough—I didn’t want it to end! But, all in all, these are not reasons to dismiss this as a great album or give Nash major props for creating something original and memorable.

I had such an enjoyable listening experience. Nash’s raspy baritone voice is alluring, memorable and provides such a unique sound. I lost myself in my cup of coffee sitting on the couch while listening to this great record. I recalled on my own love and heartache that had me relating to the lyrics that swam through the room. Robert Nash gives you music you will want to listen to over and over. I would definitely recommend this album and artist to everyone I know!


by Breanna Keller