Voice of Men – This Is My War (feat. Ameen Misran)

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Remember when the first impression of listening to a song stuck out more than seeing a musician perform live? There is an undeniable power hold when it comes to hearing a song without knowing the voices behind it. The new single from Voice of Men uses traces of an Alternative Rock nature to whip up an R&B Pop Rock ballad that leaves a vast amount to the imagination.

You start questioning who are Voice of Men? With a bit of research the group of five men are from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who have an ability with harmony. In likeness with Pentatonix, more and more harmony bonded groups are coming forward by using their vocals more as instruments than just to fill in a line here or there.

Slowly but surely Voice of Men are rising in the charts and soon will be venturing towards an Alternative outcome. With their single ‘This Is My War’ which has an element of 30 Seconds to Mars and what I call a science fiction appeal that would be akin to various film soundtracks. The song describes about not giving up, living a life that may be full of peril and dissociation. However that does not mean to allow in any defective trials that will interrupt your own conclusion.

‘This Is My War’ has a surprising add-in of R&B…more on a Linkin Park note with spoken word sections that stand out from the rest of the song. Although the spoken word bit can be a standard ‘no’ within the Alternative genre…Voice of Men find a elegance submerged in the chaos and bring to life a much needed change to that style of music.

Virtually the track has a well-rounded production that enforces a clash between layers that immediately compliment one another as each verse and then chorus comes into play. Through the nearly 4 minute song no cuts or other post-production is needed to clarify what Voice of Men are stating. Clearly this group have all of the essentials to make it big.

What more than ever goes to show is that one should listen to music before doing any research. Anymore if an artist has a more public image or celebrity status it can overshadow their own music career. Yet, by first allowing a song to play all the way through, to hear the potential that a group who is competent enough to enchant their audience.

So far Voice of Men are apart of the Awakening Talent Contest and (to be honest) help out in any way possible. These guys deserve to share and show their wonderfully crafted talent. Since the World Wide Web can connect everyone and anyone, use it wisely by giving others a chance to showcase what vocal pipes they can bring to the stage. Remember when their use to be a time when ‘real’ talent meant everything? Check out Voice of Men’s single ‘This Is My War’ to understand that justification.

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/voice-of-men-official/voice-of-men-this-is-my-war-feat-ameen-misran

Review by Kristen Fisher