Lexxica drops hot new single

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Lexxica is an electronica driven vocalist and songwriter from Los Angeles. She works in a range of EDM styles: house, electro, dubstep and indie-dance. Her new single Hello Friday was released on February 22, followed by the lyric video on February 23.

Producing the song, the singer intended to create an uplifting dance-pop track, that would make the listeners feel good about another weekend, when they can forget about all their responsibilities and relax, dancing to her music. Mission accomplished!

The tune is supposed to raise one’s mood, and it does just that. After checking out the track for the first time, I found myself reflecting on how modern music is evolving, and whether I can call it “music” in the first place – it’s still a remarkably catchy song. Besides my musical preferences this is a very professional sounding song for the genera and for the masses to digest. In the world, where music creation has become so accesible, that even a teenager can do it; it’s amazing what is put out there these days. Good taste, if one wasn’t born with it, has to be nurtured like a fragile and sensitive flower, until it becomes firm and strong enough to pick the wheat from the chaff. Again it’s amazing how music has evolved over the years, especially within the realm of Electronic-Pop. How do people know what is beautiful? We grow as children, learning to assosiate the word “beautiful” with things and essences. Our parents show us the sunset and say: “Look, how beautiful it is”. We imbide the ideas, developing our taste. So how would one know the fine art from the tasteless run-off-the-mill, when every common thing is called “good”?

Beyond dispute, every person has the right to express themselves, but every one cannot be equally ingenious, and, for sure, music cannot be the field of each and every one’s self-actualization. Non of the above applies to Lexxica. In fact Lexxica would be able to be a professional model or a dancer, who knows? Bottom line she has a lot of talent.

Producing songs like Hello Friday, an artist must be thinking of the public as of a very large herd, that would consume this song right away. The track is dance-heavy. The lyrics are conservative, the melody is creative, the singing is above the bar for the genera, and the arrangement is simplistic and easy to digest.

The intention to make people be in high spirits is the biggest thing I can appreciate from this piece.

We live in the world of Avant Garde, where we can know something only correlating it with something different. The contrasts let us appreciate that, what is better. Well, we can thank Lexxica for making us realize the true value of excellent musical work in comparison with other creative products out there right now. This is a high end single worthy or Radio airplay.

I can’t wait to hear more convincing tracks from Lexxica. She aspires to be a good musician, but not just a cheesy entertainer and a pretty face. If she can dance and bring on a strong live show – then that would seal the deal for her. She whas a lot of potential and will no doubt deliver products that have significance to them – compared to what’s out there right now – clearly Lexxica stands out from the rest in many aspects. One would be wise to keep a watchful eye on her as this year unwinds. .

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJF2qvjGIto

Cyrus Rhodes