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Let’s be honest for just a second shall we. I get a lot of albums sent my way for review and I mean a lot. Most of them don’t do anything for me. They don’t always get happily placed in the CD player, but the ones that do usually get a three song stay of execution and generally if they last past that they get my full unadulterated attention. This really doesn’t apply to singles. Sometimes I’m hooked from the first track, and that’s precisely what happened when I put the latest release by Cody Webb “More That a Little” on. The song bursts to life that follows through with a wonderful single. It twists and turns the way great albums should with a little bit of rock, a little bit of high octane driven rock-soul-country and a lot of harmonic goodness.

Webb embodies all things country: His personality is warm and inviting, some would say down-to-earth, recalling the disposition of many a Southern Gentleman from yesteryear. This God-fearing road warrior, with the warm baritone voice and love for all things southern, is ready to hit the world full force. On this particular single Webb has created a tasteful blend of yesterday’s traditional country roots and today’s radio-friendly contemporary sounds, to invoke all the best that is American: Love of God, Family and the US of A.

I might add more than a Little is a part of his upcoming EP which is out in June. Right from when the mellow guitar intro starts with the subtle finger picked notes and Cody Webb’s distinct tenor vocals kick in, the song feels instantly likeable. The modern country style is evident throughout the song as it breezes through at a peppy pace. Cody sings on how he feels about his lady love, and about how much he loves her. The lyrics turn out to be quite creative, and Cody adds his own touch to the otherwise usual-sounding lyrics. The melody part is also pretty catchy, is very much hummable and the constant repetition of the chorus leaves the listener with the song’s feel-good factor as an after-taste.

The guitar solo, though short complements the song’s journey as it moves into its verse for the last time. The whole way the song is arranged also feels quite pleasant to listen to and carries the song forward with ample energy. Cody charms with his songwriting, with the lyrics provoking a sensual and romantic visual image, starting with a couple dancing in the front porch, and the rising feelings of love their intimacy brought with it.

Lines like ‘Bye bye my heart, hello your lips’ and ‘Head over heels fallin’ into a little more than a little in love with you” give a sort of cheeky flavor to the song. The line “I’m on the edge of going over, so go ahead lean in closer” sets the mood of the song and serves as an apt buildup to the chorus. All in all, Cody comes across as an artist to watch out for in the country scene with More than a little not breaking new grounds, but not disappointing either. Any way you look at it, “More That a Little” by Cody Webb delivers in spades.

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