Jackpot Luck featuring Gary Bonanni


Gary Bonanni’s new EP mirrors a lot of the 80s and 90s rock bands. The album was recorded by one person who played all the instruments and gave the album its vocals: Gary Bonanni. Gary’s vocals provide an Elvis Presley vibe and his music give out more of a Def Leopard feel to the album. The album has a dark effect to it. All the songs have a dark side attached to it in some part of it.

A Clown Round Here and Head Full of Stone have a soft rock tone to it when compared to the other songs on this EP. They consist more of bass and a tang of drums added to it to make it peppier, but the tone is more of a soothing sort of rock that follows with a set of husky vocals. It also contains the right amount of roughness that fits these songs. The beat is right on and the guitars blend in together in the background in a way that it is hard to determine what is being played. The background score complements the vocals and vice versa, which really helps these songs do wonders.

The Saddle and Ugly Garden have more to do with acoustic guitars. Both of the songs enter with a dominance of acoustic guitars and then slowly build up, not too much, but to the extent where they really get the audience to feel the song. Both of these songs are seen to be more of the softer songs in this album. They do play out to be songs that will be classified under the genre of rock, but then they have a soft side to it. The vocals have an emotion of a dark past that is laced within the song that really gives the full feel of what the artist is trying to convey to his listeners.

The last two songs are full-fledged rock songs; they have an astounding standout electric guitar. Careless Talking and The Feeling have a great combination of the guitar and drums right from the beginning. The entrance really captures you with the strumming of the guitar. Both songs seem to have a couple of similar aspects that standout when listening to one after another, but otherwise both are brilliantly composed. The vocals are also a highlight in these songs. While comparing Careless Talking to the other songs, the vocals seem to stand out. This song gives out a certain vibe that is not felt while listening to the other songs on this EP which is what makes the song stand out when compared to the others.

Though the six songs have different tunes and different stories behind why they were recorded, they share the same melancholy feeling that this album is trying to spread to its listeners. This is a great spread of music for all those people who are fans of rock. This EP is overall a great album that was put together, especially considering the fact that it was one person behind this masterpiece. It is a brilliant composition and JackPotLuck is a definite recommendation for rock lovers all over. Gary Bonanni has a lot of potential and can put together many more songs with a single hand at this rate. If he keeps putting out songs like this, he has the potential to be seen as a very popular upcoming artist!

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Rating: 7/10

Seth Goodwin