Junk Parlor – Mick Jagger’s Heart


Junk Parlor’s Mick Jagger’s heart is very catchy and speaks a lot about the title itself. Well, it is about relating to someone named Mick Jagger. Maybe, let us start with understanding the title of the song. So, to start, who is Mick Jagger? Well, for those who doesn’t know, Mick Jagger is the renowned co-founder of The Rolling Stones. A rock-start God who is well, living a rock star life. Aside from being an icon in the rock and roll world, he also known for being the greatest heart-breaker of all time by being with different women in his life and all of those who had serious and long span relationship with him have actually ended their way in a quite tragic way. Very, very tragic ways.

One of his famous hits in 1965 was Paint it Black that talks about a love story of two people who wants everything to be dark just to set a mood as they disillusioned their selves in the world. Everyone is into his music especially the groupies. You know rock and roll fan girls lurking around the fandom rock and rolls tars.

According to reports, Mick was never been in love. Not once, even after sleeping with 4000 women all of his life. He basically sleep with anyone. Well, any women who is available and willing. Because, he simply can. But that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have serious relationship. He did. But there are also a lot of girls on the side. Due to depression, His partners that were drastically left behind were involved with drugs, overdoses and alcoholism. Even those he married were left penniless. Although many have tried to settle him down. No woman succeeded in doing do. Not even his longest partner who tried to accept his womanizing.

Now, going back to the song, the message of a song is about a guy who was so hurt in love and wanted to end his suffering from heart break from a true love by getting his heart out and place it near actually with Mick Jagger’s heart which by now we presumed to be, numb and technically feeling less. From all of the woman and relationship he has been, he never seemed to have suffered from any kind of heart break which is kind of a good thing for those who experienced disastrous ones. Now, that is tough call for someone who is so broken hearted asking to feel nothing, not even compassion.

The lyrics of the song is quite easy to relate to and it can easily stuck in your head after a few plays, especially the chorus. The rhythm was a mix of country and pop music which any ages can easily relate into. If you’ve met anything like Mick Jagger, this is appropriate song to listen to, as you move on from them. Or you can also see it as a reference, just like what the singer is trying to do. I rate this song


10 out of 10.

Review by Crystal Ross Jimeno