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From the very opening spin of Dave Diamond’s newest album, Trois, you are immediately transported back to the rock n roll music times of the late 60’s through the jamming and rocking determinants of the 70’s. Straight out of the box and on to your player each and every track continues to pick up nuances and influences from rock, funk, southern rock, a little Santana feel, and the blues I was ready to spend my Saturday just chillin’ and kickin’ it back to the these comfortable throw back sounds that mesmerized and played out so very well.

Dave is what is known as a ‘musician’s musician’ having performed on his drums by participating and sitting in on recording sessions of some of the greatest musician’s/band’s of our modern times. Bands like Assembly of Dust, and Zen Tricksters. Dave Diamond has shared the stage with the likes of Bob Weir, Donna Jean Godchaux, Robert Randolph, Derek Trucks, Oteil Burbridge and supported artists such as Maceo Parker, Todd Rundgren to name but just a few in a vast array in his repertoire.

Opening Dave Diamond’s album, Trois, is the tune the blends in the sweetness of organ pulsing keyboards with, “All Good Things.” Lilting easily into a Spanish flavored tune next the blend harkens to, “Breaking Hearts.” Picking it up in a funk beat the spin marches into, “Here In The Summertime.” Reminiscent of an old Bread style tune, Diamond brings the track, “Little Things,” forward. Coming in with a southern rock blend, Diamond tears it up in a Bonnie Raitt signature manner with, “Let It Go.” Kicking itself back again to more of a country rock bend the next number courses itself to, “Tear It Down.”

Can you sense the diversity of Dave Diamond yet? Let’s continue through his album, Trois.

“Pick You Up” showcases the percussion jam, racing itself right along into a favorite tune off of this album- jamming a bit in the flavor of Joe Walsh/John Fogerty sound is the melody, “California Turnaround.” Slowing things down a bit and introducing a soothing woodwind instrument along-side this next number, Diamond sends the gentle song, “In A Little While.”

Lending itself to a slow and steady jam comes, “Queen Of Sorrow,” the back up singers Diamond has used on this album, totally set the vibe. Crashing the piano keys and then cutting into the acoustic guitar is an easy tune that showcases Dave Diamond’s songwriting abilities well, “Little Big Girl.” The last jam tune to Trois, sits itself comfortably at the end of a very pleasant well-written and performed rock album with the longest track called, “Long Goodbye,” probably the most relatable sounding track to today’s modern rock sound Diamond comes to.

Dave Diamond’s album, Trois, certainly shows maturity of both time and living life. An all American rooted in rock n roll album certainly reflects a defined period in our rock history. Diamond has produced his album, Trois and has now presented his 5th album in his own originally written discography.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnaCxc0nVls

Chris Murphy