clay3Clay Melton Band drops new EP


First of all, this artist and his band have a fire in them not often heard these days, as it harks back to the times where a lot of artists did. The approach is that aggressive. They border on alternative rock but have that classic appeal. They just go for it and that is all there is to it. The sound is big, gritty and clean at the same time, with pure moxie. The EP kicks off with “Tonight” which there is a video for, to show how they actually do go for it.

They simply attack their instruments. The percussion is unrelenting and so is the guitar and bass. These guys play like monsters and there is no denying that. This one track alone is worth every second of the way. I was on the bandwagon from there. It’s an amazing power trio that has an ability pretty much instantly turn you on. This is a four track EP as well, so you either bang it all out or you can lose something, and “Home” does not start off sounding as if that will happen until the beautiful motif intro is over with. Then you are hit with a wall of sound that knocks you off your feet. And the power gets turned right back on. This track also has some moments that remind of bands like Yes. The vocal harmonies are killer. This is a smoking hot piece of work, and it’s indicative of everything I’ve said so far. The young man is something else, and that is the consensus, thus far on this release. There is a lot to be said about this if you’re a rock lover that craves great musicianship with lots of energy and all of the correct chemistry and other elements that make a band flow, no matter who’s at the helm. That is a lot to take in, so it’s natural to bring the tempo down just a little, but not all the way as they get into the next track “Remember.” Because it does rock hard with a lot of intensity, it’s just more of a mid-tempo dominance. There are shouting parts to make up for anything concerning that. This is another great piece with vocals that soar high and low. You can’t turn it away, it’s all done very well, like a gang of musical soldiers with everything it takes behind them. This is just as enjoyable at the end of the disc, as the first two tracks prove to be. By now you want more than an EP from this band, as you are begging for more. But you get such a bang for the buck anyway. That is one thing for sure, and it’s recommended before the final track. In which “Stop And Listen” has everything going for it as the others. The testament is consistency and they’ve got it down at every turn. This is a softer track, there is no arguing that but it again still has some high energy parts. There is an angelic appeal to some of this, and an over the top factor like the rest of the tracks. It builds up to a frenzy as the vocals come on real strong in a quirky way that charismatically delivers, before some bluesy guitar whispers it away in the fade. It’s all very impressively crafted and performed in the studio it makes you want to see them live. It has everything going for it and just so hard to pick on that it’s a delight to review, but your opinion might easily vary. I can’t say that, I’d be second guessing my own opinion and that isn’t a position to be in to write about it. It’s that good from this perspective, no headphones needed to conclude, this rocks with a brilliance all rock musicians should be doing. In closing there is no denying an appreciation for such creative players as Jimi Hendrix, etc. And that’s really just a mark of good taste when it comes to roots.

They aren’t old style they just have that old soul that so many are missing in the millennial era. I can go on and on comparing him to the likes of all the greats but it is still too early to go that far about it. But they will go far if they keep this up at the rate they’re going. Music used to blow minds on a regular basis, and if everyone had the passion and fury of this guy that would still be the case. And there was never enough you could say about an artist and their music when that was the case, as well. Maybe he’s just a throwback and I’m compelled to just glow on about it, but I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with the Clay Melton Band.


Larry Toering

Score: 5/5