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Jupiter in Velvet’s returned with his latest album of electro dance rock entitled The One in the Many. The common themes dominating previous releases, concerns about asserting yourself in a world seeking to restrain you and unity among people, continue here with the same wide0eyed exuberance that’s characterized his earlier efforts. This is, likewise, an artist of great discipline. Some might say that, even in our modern era, indie recording projects are susceptible to low-fi sound quality. Jupiter in Velvet, however, gives lie to such an idea with his recordings. He captures the spirit of his vision and then some without ever breaking his budget and, in the end, what that comes down to is talent and dedication to craft.

“Rule Your Day” wastes no time bringing listeners into the world of The One in the Many. The song opens with a brief bit of guitar fanfare before segueing into a sharp, tightly coiled groove. There’s a slight romping quality to this song that Jupiter in Velvet’s vocal delivery helps underscore the song’s energy, but it never gets too carried away with itself and maintains focus throughout. The echoing drums and 80’s textures of “Peace This Thing Together” help give this particular cut a sort of anthemic quality without ever wholeheartedly embracing that style. Jupiter in Velvet has a strong voice for the material, however, and can’t help but give it some rousing upswing. “Everybody’s Looking 4 Something They Can’t Find” hits all of the expected sweet spots as one of the album’s best electro dance rock offerings, but like much of the material on the album, there’s decidedly more rock than electronica or dance beats. There is an abiding physicality, however, uniting all of the songs on The One in the Many.

The mid-tempo swing of “Only I Can Bring Me Down” is a good match for the lyrical content and Jupiter in Velvet’s vocal tosses it off with cool assurance. “Surrender 2 the Groove” hints at some grinding, uptempo funk rock action, but actually aims itself in much more guitar heavy direction. There’s almost pure punk rock energy propelling it forward and Jupiter in Velvet marshals it with another superb vocal. He slows it down considerably for the album’s penultimate song “Take Over the World”. The lyrics and title are squarely at odds with the composition’s laid back feel, but the contrast creates an excellent initial tension that Jupiter in Velvet fully exploits. The One in the Many concludes with another powerhouse punch. “Keep Your Eye on the Pearl” has cluttered desperation coming through the entire duration and Jupiter in Velvet turns in a wonderfully maniacal vocal completely matching the song’s mood. It’s a forceful conclusion to an album specifically designed for maximum impact and he doesn’t land a glancing blow. The One in the Many hits listeners full on and leaves you forever changed from the experience.

9 out of 10 stars.

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Bradley Johnson