Alessandro Coli – I Betcha’


Alessandro Coli knew what he wanted to be when he heard Freddie Mercury’s voice. His father’s record collection instilled a lifetime passion inside of him when he discovered a number of Queen albums. The initial inspiration derived from that experience stoked a budding fire in his ten year old mind and that initial stretch of road led Coli to an appearance at age fifteen on the Italian television show Io Canto. The recognition he received for that show set the course for his next four years leading him through hit European releases, concerts in his homeland, and major label support. His first release into the American market in early 2016, “Flames”, scored an immediate success with a strong showing on the Billboard Dance Club chart and proved his music possessed widespread global appeal. “I Betcha” is the latest single from Coli and shows that his first success wasn’t any sort of fluke lightning strike never to be repeated. Like anything Coli turns his artistic attention to, “I Betcha” is ripped from the scrapbook of his heart and presented with a high gloss polish ensuring a lot of mainstream attention.

The backing track has a lightly orchestrated quality and gently rises as it progresses. The keyboards, electronic bass and drums work in perfect accord with one another and have a bright sheen that belies the song’s subject matter. The musical highpoint comes in the song’s second half when the tempo changes and the arrangement dissipates briefly before moving back to the original tempo with a stirring air. The music never overshadows the lyric content, but seems tailor made for one another instead and it never extends itself past the point of no return for the audience’s attention span and gets out inside of three and a half minutes.

Songs like this work best when they stay conversational. Coli follows that advice and concentrates on speaking plainly about his feelings with economy and directness. His vocals make great use of the lean writing and sticks close to the song’s structure instead of attempting to sing over the top and claim the spotlight. The tone of the song is also notable. He doesn’t go for the humorous approach and, instead, makes this memorable by modulating his emotions in such a way that it gives the song an additional stylishness. The sophistication never obscures the song’s dual purpose. It is an intelligent vehicle for self-expression, but it is also a superb example of modern dance music certain to please its target audience.

Thank Freddie Mercury for this. There’s not many similarities between Coli’s and Mercury’s singing, but that’s no matter. The stories behind any great performer invariably have this crucial point near their beginning when the artist experiences a moment when their path is illuminated for the first time. Alessandro Coli shows on “I Betcha” that he has the talent and ambition to take it from there.


Michael Saulman