Jesse Eplan – Dreams


New York City native Jesse Eplan has released a number of singles he’s produced and distributed over a number of music platforms as well as lodging a number of high profile live appearances in one of the world’s largest music markets. He’s a multi-instrumentalist with the rare talent of perfect pitch further distinguishing him from his peers. He’s worked hard to realize his dreams since first having his fire for music stroked at the age of seven and this latest single, “Dreams”, is a profoundly honest depiction of the effect that his rising profile is having on his life and psyche. In a manifestation of true do it yourself spirit, Eplan also handles the production chores for his musical offerings and the same gifts that make him such an exemplary singer and musicians enable him to focus the sonics on this release in a compelling and entertaining way. There are no moments of outright experimentation on this song, but there’s supreme technique guiding the musical mood from the first seconds onward.

Much of the song is carried on the back of Eplan’s stellar vocal. He doesn’t simply choose one approach and stick with it; instead, Eplan’s vocal evolves with the song. There’s equal parts finesse and raw emotion that he spills into his phrasing without ever overshadowing the backing track. There’s a lot of charisma in his vocal that comes through as well. “Dreams” has lyrics engaging in much self-reflection, but he puts these thoughts over in such an entertaining, lively fashion that it never taxes a listener’s attention. The song length plays into this strength as well by never going on too long – it ends just a few seconds after the three minute mark and never feels rushed musically or lyrically. This is the kind of performance older music fans will equate with veteran performers, but Eplan sings with youthful energy and the confidence of someone much older.

The backing music is classic rhythm and blues spit-shined to a fine polish. There aren’t any jarring or abrasive passages in this – Eplan’s musical instincts keep the song’s musical mood consistent throughout and when the music takes a turn, however subtle, it does so in a manner that ties it in with everything preceding it. Despite the electronic nature of the instruments, “Dreams” never falls prey to filling listeners’ ears up with icy, sterile sounds. The bass, percussion, and even the synthesizer and keyboard lines resound with color and unmistakable warmth. It helps frame an overall serious lyric in the best possible way.

Jesse Eplan’s singles have garnered a lot of much deserved attention and each new release builds on the success of the last. There are few music artists who have offered up initial releases so full of well honed passion, maturity, and confidence, but Jesse Eplan is poised to continue his march towards greater and greater successes in a way that few of his contemporaries will ever know.


Scott Wigley