Poetically Contagious – Toss Him Aside

URL: http://www.poeticallycontagious.com/

Poetically Contagious, a duo hailing from the Binghamton area of New York State, has been building a reputation as one of the most talented rap acts working their way up the ladder today. They first formed in 2010 and began gigging in their local area before branching out to the New York City area and receiving considerable critical acclaim during that period. The first single from their upcoming full length album, “Toss Him Aside”, shows their assurance and musical powers alike growing exponentially. This is a track that communicates to listeners, but its musical excellence is as powerful and the track seems to be a sure bet for experiencing tremendous popularity on the charts and in the clubs alike. The production hits the mark and helps put the song over in a balanced and exceptionally physical way. This is a song that reaches out, grabs you, and doesn’t let go for four minutes.

It’s also quite artful. The lyrics mine a familiar subject in popular song, a vocalist who wants a lady to dump her unappreciative and abusive boyfriend, but it depicts the subject with a lot of fresh details and an unique ability for turning phrases that helps it stand out from similarly themed efforts. Poetically Contagious, however, never bites off anymore than they can chew. The lyrics are never too much, never overexert themselves, and maintain the same strong focus on their subject that listeners hear in the musical arrangement. The dueling male and female vocals adeptly handle the often challenging phrasing and even works in some emotive moments that help elevate the song to even greater heights than it might have otherwise reached. The cool confidence that glows from the vocal is never abrasive and has a tremendous amount of style.

The musical elements have a wide command of the genre’s fundamentals and some unexpected parts that listeners rarely find in this type of music. Rather than simply relying on electronic backing, a memorable beat to hook you in, and fat bass notes, Poetically Contagious incorporates acoustic guitar and female voices into their musical presentation. These seemingly disparate elements come together without any incongruous feeling – everything locks into place and has an unity of sound and intent instead of sounding like a misguided synthesis. It’s no stretch to say that Poetically Contagious has every bit as much musical talent and vision as they do lyrical skill and they aren’t afraid to show it off.

This is one of the best offerings from the genre in this young year and will likely still stand as among its best moments when we are on the cusp of 2018. Poetically Contagious have a sound and approach that’s all encompassing and equally contagious. It will be difficult to forget their work when you’ve heard it and it will be just as difficult for the audience to not start moving when they zero in on the song’s infectious groove. “Toss Him Aside” isn’t a song you should toss aside – revel in it, instead, and start moving.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/PoeticallyVEVO

Shannon Cowden