Intrinsic Nature – I.N. Concert With You


Intrinsic Nature aims high. This isn’t a band content with releasing half-hearted or imitative pastiches of their musical betters. Instead, they emerge as a formidably talented three piece quite capable of holding their own in an increasingly fragmented musical world. Their EP I.N. Concert With You features five songs of great focus and concise length that, nevertheless, manage to incorporate a lot of imagination into a relatively brief amount of space. It follows up their 2015 debut Gothic Sun and reaffirms the value of that impressive release while building towards the future. Led by composer/front man and multi-instrumentalist Milo Keysington, the band features the complementary talents of Steve Myers on drums and Bruno Levy on lead and rhythm guitars. These three musicians have an unique chemistry that, even in the studio, listeners will immediately recognize. Intrinsic Nature is as powerful and appealing as any band you will hear in 2017 and beyond.

“Eyes That Flicker” has an impressive, forceful backbeat keeping the song charging at full speed throughout its duration. Keysington’s vocals aren’t classically beautiful, but that isn’t the point. Instead, he sings with natural ease and enough of an emotive edge in his voice that it brings a very human quality to his performance. Bruno Levy lays down a plethora of guitar licks, never overdoing it, but manifesting a variety of influences – orchestral influences, rock touches, bluesy flourishes. The song’s bridge is particularly strong. “Spend My Time” has a much more defined hard rock edge and plenty of attitude. Levy’s guitar, however, never embraces the grab bag of clichés typically haunting these sort of songs. The chorus illustrates the band’s pop strengths without ever compromising the song; no small feat. The band also alternates, as they did on the opener, singing and spoken word passages to memorable effect.

Steve Myers’ drumming stamps its authority on the track “No Time Like Now” and the breezy arrangement soon segues into a passionate, deliberate chorus with dissonant guitar work switching off with Levy’s more straight ahead riffing. There’s a bit of an ominous edge hanging over this song that contrasts nicely with the earlier tracks. Straight up hard rock is the order of the day at the beginning of “At the Top”, but the band’s quite convincing assuming that mantle. The rhythm section is very strong here and dominates the low end of the mix with their muscular playing. Keysington’s vocals are further strengthened by the added backing vocals and Levy takes a blistering guitar solo in the song’s second half. The EP’s closing track “Be With You” has a lot of snap and urgency thanks to its energetic keyboard work and more of Steve Myers’ talented drumming. This does an excellent job straddling multiple lines between pop influenced prog, love song, and guitar workout. It’s the story of this release in some ways. Intrinsic Nature are one of those rare bands capable of being all things to all listeners and that makes their work relatively invaluable in this day and age. I.N. Concert With You has the sort of easy going appeal rare in this genre while still asking the listeners to fully involve themselves with the experience of hearing these songs. It’s a spectacular success on all fronts.

9 out of 10 stars


Jason Hillenburg