Across The Board – Broken In Time


What is there for a band not to discuss, when it comes to their music creations. All sorts and types of artists and bands tend to cover the basics as it were ranging from personal experiences, ranging from love lives, family, friends, relationships of all shapes and sizes, to other issues at hand like suicide, anxiety, depression, emotional content of varying nature. The list of topics is truly endless and flawless really. For an act by the name of Across The Board or ATB with their track “Broken In Time”, it becomes one of those songs that is broken in time because it becomes broken in pieces as it were if that makes sense.

“Broken In Time”, as a song is about chances and being stuck in time by the looks of it. We have all been there in some shape or form, where we wish we were back in a certain time if not moment where we can experience said piece of moment once more. If only that were reality then that would be a whole another aspect of space, time, and travel. But in the case of this song, it ends up being a mixture of alternative, pop, rock, and indie, sounding a lot like some other acts within the music scene like Paramore, or even some of the acts the band considers their favorites like Walk Off The Earth, Marianna’s Trench, and Mother Mother.

As such, “Broken In Time”, is a rather interesting song. Its catchy, upbeat, and downright fun. The melody the song gives off is indeed catchy and upbeat it keeps the instrumentals really working with the music. While the vocal chords are easy going, able to keep the music moving right along to the tone of the song. While the lyrical context is emotional at times, but very preserved too if that makes sense.
The band though Across The Board is as the name says across the board. As in they have a thing here and it should not go to waste but be protected. This is a band that has got the flare for music creativeness, hence this track that is really working for them, and has the song to easily go places at that. It’s a band that has been around for some time with a handful of material tucked under their belts, that can withstand any type of force thrown their way.

Like for instance, the song is again catchy and upbeat, because it just maintains that ability going for it. You can hear the song just once and it will draw you in instantly. The lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals as a whole work well with everything at once here. It’s like Paramore’s “Misery Business”, that was one of the more intense yet upbeat tracks to come from them, and years later it still has the momentum going for it. While “Broken In Time”, has a similar thing with its own tone of beats and vocal chords.

Across The Board may as a matter of fact, be the next Paramore, if they continue going the route they are. They will either make this track to be one to sticks it to them, or will likely come out with another hit of a successor to keep the beat of the band going for many years to come of course.


Joshua Beach (UK)