Downie Streahl – I’m Alright


Summer is upon the world with that said though, nothing better than listening to some music on a hot sunny weekend. Which is what is happening right here, right now with a new song called “I’m Alright”, by Downie Streahl. She is an up-and-coming artist that takes to her name that of country, pop, pop rock, plus adult contemporary genre choices to her creativity sources. Hence why she went and wrote this song we are discussing right here, right now.

“I’m Alright”, is just one of those tracks you can hear within the summer time, or any time of year really. Summer, winter, fall, or spring all the yearly seasons is what make this song work. It may sound just decent to the listener, but that’s what makes it work for itself. It sounds just decent in quality, that it is fine, like it doesn’t need to go out of its way sounding all top of the line, out of this world type of work. It is a song, that is for just kicking back, relaxing, enjoying the poetry of the words as it were.
Which brings us to the lyrical content of this song. The song going into detail about love, heartache, confusion, but facing all of that, still being able to pull through and be in short alright. Which is what we all are, are we not? Aren’t we all alright, in some shape or form no matter the time of day, week, year or any other way to place it. Yes we are alright, because it is fine to be alright, no harm in it.
Downie Streahl’s track that we are discussing here, may end up being another one of those you could just get enough of, hearing it once. While to others hearing it more than once really gives it that sense of flare. As if the song already did not have an effect with its contents within, hearing it more than once, really embraces it more. You get a kick of the music more too, it just adds in this flawless level of creativity from the artist at hand. Such a creative flow of work that rushes through the song, making it take a bow as if it were a real person. Not sure if any of this is making much sense really but it is just one of those songs that is so darn interesting, so much can be said about it.

“I’m Alright”, by Downie Streahl is a track that is a nice piece of work, if you can get it. You see where I am going here, if you like country, pop, or rock music, then you can get the material easily. Whereas if you were not a fan of said genres, then this song just would not work for you. Which is why this song and its accompanying artist tends to be a source pool of work, that is creative in a number of ways.


Jon McCall